consulting services

Apex IT Services brings enterprise experience to small-to-medium-sized businesses at a competitive price.

At Apex IT Services, our mission is to meet the unique IT needs of the small-to-medium- sized business, creating long-term partnerships with our valued customers and vendors. We specialize in exceeding customer expectations.

Apex is a recognized leader in small business IT. Our team has proudly served the Chicagoland business community for more than 15 years.

Apex provides a full range of consulting services, including:

  • Cloud Services Evaluation and Design
  • IT Support (Remote and Onsite)
  • Hardware and Software Sales
  • Installation, Configuration, and Training
  • Network Design (Wired, Wireless, Remote Access)
  • Security and Performance Assessments
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Equipment Recycling

Apex consultants also have the expertise to coordinate all telephony, wiring, security, and HVAC services, providing one inclusive source for all of your technology needs.

Vendors understand their own products, but may not necessarily know how to apply their product with your specific business needs in mind. Apex can help deploy hardware and software to vendor specifications while using best practices to guarantee a secure and optimal end result. We can also help support your system and avoid the common finger-pointing from vendors.

Apex experts can assess the current state of your technology infrastructure:

  • Reliability: Have you experienced unplanned downtime from outages or application crashes? Our IT consultants will diagnose your problems and offer solutions that facilitate a reliable and efficient environment with a solid backup strategy and follow-up support.

  • Security: Apex reviews your safeguards to help you ensure your network is properly protected using best practices in areas including, but not limited to, firewalls, wireless configurations, password policies, and antivirus protection, just to name a few.

  • Connectivity: Do you have secure remote access to your network? Apex can help you connect to your office securely and reliably from any remote location that has Internet access.

  • Performance: Are your systems and applications running optimally? An Apex consultant can help identify and remedy inconsistent or sluggish computer response times.

  • Capacity: Do you have enough data storage and processing power to support your environment? Our IT experts can assess and optimize your access speed and data storage requirements through configuration changes or hardware/software solutions.