cloud services

Apex can help you weigh the pros and cons of cloud hosting versus building and supporting your own internal IT infrastructure. Our cloud hosting services provide an affordable alternative, taking all support, maintenance, and upgrading tasks out of your hands for a flat monthly fee.

You could rely on having secure access to your company's data and services from any active Internet connection with no more surprise expenses.

Our data center partner provides full network redundancy, multi-carrier fiber connectivity, a controlled climate, unassailable redundant power using redundant UPS systems and a backup power generator, direct Level-2 and Level-3 support, and 24x7 access.

For the security conscious, the data center has an FBI-hardened building with a fire suppression system, video surveillance, and key card access. If you'd like to see exactly where your data will be stored, give us a call and we'll arrange a tour.

All of our hosted services are available 24/7:

Desktop Hosting:
Apex can move your computer desktop to the cloud, providing virtual access from any device or locale. Your hosted desktop will include the latest Microsoft Office applications, data storage with a managed backup plan, antivirus protection, and tech support. If your company uses specialized applications, we can install those for you too. Call us for a demo!

Email Hosting:
Apex offers Microsoft Exchange services to host your company email. You can synchronize your email, calendar, and contacts from your tablet or smart phone (Apple, Microsoft, Android and Blackberry are all supported). Anti-virus and anti-spam filters are included to protect your mailbox from viruses and unwanted junk mail.

Server Hosting:
Apex can host your standard and custom applications that require a dedicated server. Our hosting support team will perform routine maintenance checks and track storage and resource needs, ensuring the highest degree of availability. We provide cost and configuration flexibility through shared, dedicated, virtualized, and colocated server options.

Website Hosting:
Apex can host your business website, providing you with unlimited disk space and data transfer capabilities. We can handle your domain registrations and renewals, as well as SSL certificates to keep your website traffic secured. Ask us about mobile formats and social media tools.

Microsoft SQL Hosting:
Apex provides a cost-effective alternative to buying expensive hardware and software licenses required by database applications. We offer shared and dedicated Microsoft SQL servers to support your specialized database needs. Our robust infrastructure can support the most demanding SQL database applications.

Disaster Recovery:
Talk to Apex specialists about creating a "hot-site" to mirror your existing network. In the event of a disaster at the office, if you can find a place to access the Internet you can connect to your hot-site and continue working. When you get back up and running we can restore your data on-site and have you back to normal.